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Pumice Powder

What Is Pumice Powder Used For?


Pumice powder is made from pumice, a kind of igneous rock that is formed when a volcano erupts. Pumice is abrasive, which is where much of pumice powder's usefulness comes from.



Pumice powder is used as an additive in cement. It makes the concrete lighter than traditional concrete.


Hygiene Products

Pumice powder also is often added to hand soap, exfoliants and toothpaste to help scrub away foreign substances, dead skin or plaque.



Heavy-duty cleaners and polishes also have pumice powder added to them to help remove foreign substances or tarnish.


Spill Cleanup

Pumice powder is absorbent. It can be sprinkled on spills of oil, tar or other residues to absorb them. It is then swept up for easier cleanup.


Herbal Remedy

Traditional Chinese medicine encourages ingesting small amounts of pumice powder to clear up phlegm from infections, promote

urination and treat gallstones among other things, according to the Acupuncture Today website.